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Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney in Arizona?

Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney in Arizona?

hire a family law attorney in arizonaI am often asked by prospective clients whether I think they should hire a family law attorney in Arizona.  It’s my profession so I will admit I am a little biased, but the […]

What is Emancipation of a Minor in Arizona?

What is Emancipation of a Minor in Arizona?

Arizona statutes Title 12 allows a child ages 16 or older to petition the court to become emancipated from his or her parents. Specific criteria must be met for the petition to be granted, including proof that he or she is able to be independent. A law passed […]

How is Mediation Used for Family Law Matters in Arizona?

How is Mediation Used for Family Law Matters in Arizona?

When a couple is separating or divorcing, it can be an emotional time. The well-being of any children involved must be considered, so long, drawn-out court battles over custody and other matters must be avoided whenever possible. For couples willing to work out an agreement without […]

What is Child Abandonment?

Introduction to Child Abandonment Laws

abandoned baby doll

The term abandonment can mean a variety of different things, depending on the person using the term. In the law, abandonment has a very specific definition (although it may differ slightly from state to state). Generally, child abandonment occurs when […]

Introduction to Child Support

Introduction to Child Support Basics  

When the parents of a child are not living together, or the parents do not have an agreement in place for how to financially care for their child, the court can impose one parent to pay the other parent child support. It is a common misconception that child support is […]

Step-Parent Adoption

Bringing the Stepparent Into the Family Law Case

When a stepparent has made a significant bond with his or her stepchild, it is quite common for that stepparent to want to adopt the stepchild. Adoption is a significant legal procedure in which the stepparent becomes a legal parent to the child, with all the rights and […]

How Can Grandparents Help in Family Law?

What Can Grandparents Do When the Family is Falling Apart?

Grandparents often play a significant role in the lives of their grandchildren and assist their children (or children-in-law) in times of need. Is there a bill that needs to be paid? The grandparents may provide additional funds to […]

Alienation of Affection

Alienation of Affection Lawsuits


Adultery is no longer as scandalous as it once was. This is evident in the “no-fault” laws adopted by many of the states. Whereas in times past a divorce would only be granted upon proof of fault by one party or the other (like adultery), many states have done away with this […]

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